Like a BOSS – Get to know Stacey Feltman

I left the northeast for a reason,” she joked as she walked through the door of Shaddock Homes’ Wilmeth Ridge model home, referencing the strangely cold and rainy weather


 that day in McKinney (a few days before a historic snowstorm hit Texas). A native Bostonian, Stacey Feltman’s quick wit and no-nonsense spirit gave her away before her accent could.


Stacey moved to Frisco from Boston in 2007. Eight years ago, she formed The Stacey Feltman Group at Ebby Halliday. Having experienced a major cross country relocation allows her to relate personally to the thousands of people who continue to make the journey from both coasts to DFW.


Stacey began her real estate career as an office manager for another real estate broker in Frisco. Very quickly, the team lead recognized her potential and convinced Stacey to get her real estate license. A fork in the road would appear just a month later as the brokerage downsized, and having no listings, Stacey was let go. At that moment, she made the decision to rebrand as an Ebby agent and has never looked back. As a new agent, Stacey was doing open houses every weekend and putting herself through her own version of real estate boot camp, and she tenaciously clawed her way through the housing market downturn, growing her business 86 percent in one year.



She’s up every morning long before the sunrise. While most people  slumber, Stacey studies the housing market. With an empty coffee pot by 5 am, she’s prepared to speak with house-hunting prospects. Her careful daily studies prepare her should a client call with a street name — Stacey can speak about nearly any subdivision without hesitation.


And though she’s now a proud Texan, she credits her Boston roots as the reason for her drive. “We’re work-driven, we’re education-driven, and I brought it down here with me.” She did admit, though, that Texas was a change of pace that took some getting used to. She recounted a moment she had in the grocery store after just moving here, watching folks stroll up and down the aisles. She realized that even in the hustling, bustling DFW metroplex — like molasses and southern drawls — things run a little bit slower here than her days in Boston.


Stacey is extremely adaptable, so she gradually learned to stop and smell the yellow roses (an Ebby favorite!), and has grown to love the DFW area so much that she convinced the majority of her family members to relocate from Boston to Frisco!


Right now, she has 12 team members — and growing. Something unique to their group is that everyone, including administrative employees and transaction coordinators, must become licensed. This creates a safety net that allows any team member to step in and take

on just about any task at a moment’snotice.


While she has extraordinarily low turnover on her team, she noted that in the past she has had to “deprogram” some habits that employees have brought over from other teams. Almost all of these bad habits included a tendency to treat people like numbers, and to believe the relationship ended when the houses were bought or sold. Not so, according to Stacey.


Stacey has made mentoring more of a priority as of late. She spends half the day working on her clients’ listings, and the other half coaching her team, modeling “The Stacey Feltman Way,” as she described it. To operate the Stacey Feltman Way, one must primarily value relationshipsabove transactions. She takes great pride in the way her client relationships turn into cherished friendships.


In a referral-based industry, Stacey stresses the importance of treating people well. She stays in touch with all her clients, sending regular

“thinking of you” gifts and sharing her own family updates with them. She genuinely cares about her clients, and cultivates these

same values in her team members, too, through a culture of camaraderie and friendship. For instance, you can often find her team at her

home most weekends, enjoying “Feltman Fridays,” which, weather permitting, usually includes pool lounging and dinner.


“The Stacey Feltman Way” has been steadily rewarded by winning hard-to-snag listings in this crazy seller’s market. How does she do it?

What’s the secret sauce? From day one, Stacey recognized the importance of the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation. Only

1% of Realtors nationwide have that designation. “It teaches you the mindset of a seller,” Stacey explained.


Beyond that, her knack for networking, coupled with her intense pursuit of integrity, has helped her build a solid community of connections who funnel business her way — so much so that she sells a home every two to three days. A big part of her process is to prep sellers properly, including not overpromising and pricing listings properly. Of course, in this rapidly moving seller’s market, homes are selling over price, so she also strategizesto make appraisal.


Her clients would likely tell you their favorite part about working with her is that she sends them on a relaxing weekend getaway while she

shows their home — shielding them from the stresses of the selling transaction. Stacey has mastered the delicate dance between supervising and mentoring her team — a dance between building a business and constantly drawing humans back to their humanity. She

chooses people over profit —an investment in people always comes back in spades.


Spend an hour with her and you’ll walk away wanting a Stacey Feltman in your corner. She clearly knows the secret sauce for success in this historic seller’s market. You can reach Stacey at:



Special thanks to our real estate friend, Tamera Gaede with Lawyers Title Frisco, who recognized Stacey Feltman as a Real Estate Influencer and nominated her for this spotlight. And thanks to Shaddock Homes for allowing us to use their gorgeous model home for our photoshoot.