Innovation & Progression Are What Set Mattamy Apart

Innovation & Progression Are What Set Mattamy Apart


Real estate professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex have navigated housing and material shortages while an influx of transplants from both coasts flock to Texas for lower costs of living. Not surprisingly, with more and more people working from home, professionals no longer need to live within a commutable distance to work. Many no longer need to live in the same state.

As a result, the suburbs began to explode in every direction at an even faster rate. To be sure, places like Celina, Prosper, Princeton and many other small towns on the outskirts of the metroplex were already experiencing a growth spurt before the pandemic.

Now that the dust from the pandemic is beginning to settle, Mattamy Homes has been seeing a trend of buyers who want the urban lifestyle with low-maintenance homes that are not necessarily attached townhomes.

In response, they developed a new, single-family urban home product — available soon in two new master-planned communities, City Point and Tenison Village.

City Point is in North Richland Hills, just minutes from downtown Fort Worth nightlife. Tenison Village is part of Buckner Terrace, just minutes from downtown Dallas nightlife. Both communities appeal to young professionals looking to live near the action, yet homeowners here can experience the true sense of community that many seek in distant suburbs.

The design, allows homeowners to nourish a true sense of community through plenty of shared green spaces that cater especially toward families with young children.

There’s certainly a best-of-both-worlds advantage to both communities. On weekends, residents can go out and enjoy the liveliness of an established downtown area — but at night, they can come home to a quiet, single-family property and enjoy separation from all the noise. Shared green spaces provide fresh air and plenty of space to stretch out and go for long walks — especially families with young children.

The homes themselves are a combination of three-story and two-story homes — and they’re rowhouse-reminiscent, preserving a distinctly urban feel. By choosing one of these thoughtfully designed new homes, customers can have the space that suburban dwellers enjoy while keeping the conveniences of downtown living — and without sharing any walls with the neighbors.

The feel of a single-family home is still there, with a desirable mix of indoor and outdoor living areas. While other builders are getting away from courtyards and covered porches, Mattamy is embracing them as desirable features that encourage residents to get to know their neighbors. Some of these homes boast massive front courtyards that act as natural gathering spaces.

Since Mattamy Homes’ arrival to Dallas/Fort Worth in 2020, they are making a mark on the metroplex. Though relatively new to the DFW area, Mattamy has been building homes for over 40 years. Their footprint extends through 17 markets across Canada and the United States.

Larry Craven, president of Mattamy Homes’ Dallas division, noted that innovation and progression are what set this company apart. Mattamy Homes is privately owned, allowing for more flexibility — and at times, creativity — than many larger companies. They can take more risks and launch more creative products. This allows them to flexibly assess the needs and pain points in the market, then swiftly address them. The new urban products are a great example of Mattamy’s creative and thoughtful solutions for the homeowner who wants it all.

With only about 40 homes each in City Point and Tenison, this single-family urban product will serve as a gauge on the demand and learn exactly how this specific homebuyer can be best served. The Mattamy team has spent the last year developing their urban product and anticipate that it will quickly become one of their most popular offerings. They’re hoping to have the first models completed in the fall of 2022.

Mattamy’s designers have considered the varying styles of buyers when it comes to the exterior of the homes. “We definitely want them to have a fresh look,” Larry emphasized. “We’re incorporating three to four additional styles to make sure our product stands out.” They’ve also hired an architectural colorist to ensure the varying colors of bricks, stone and doors are all coordinated according to their architectural style. “We really want people to be able to enjoy their home,” Larry continued, further underscoring the warmth they’re aiming to cultivate through the unique combination of style and functionality.

The Mattamy Homes team couldn’t be more excited to break ground on these new homes. In the meantime, though, they’re working with a partner to create full, virtual walk-through experiences so buyers can shop the different models before they’re even built.

These lifelike, 3D renderings provide a realistic look into exactly how unique these products are, and will be available in the spring. To peruse, please visit

Of course, if you sign up as a Community Insider on the website to receive updates from Mattamy, you’ll be alerted before everyone else. Both City Point and Tenison are already receiving an enormous number of inquiries, indicating Mattamy has indeed struck a nerve within their target demographic: people longing to mix urban convenience with suburban luxury.