Real Estate Influencers was a rebrand from the beloved “Real Estate & Friends” magazine that was first launched in 2003. So 2023 is a major milestone for the magazine! Real Estate & Friends was a rebrand from the original magazine titled, RED Book, which was a clever acronym for Real Estate Digest (RED). Our original tag line was the magazine was RED all over! Our delivery drivers wore red t-shirts. We had lots of fun ways to use the acronym RED. Many of our readers remember ‘The RED Book”.

The RED Book filled a need in the industry when many homebuilders didn’t have websites showing what homes were available for Realtors to show/sell. What we created what was essentially a printed conglomeration of the top homebuilder’s collection of the homes they had ready to sell and what was in the pipeline. The RED Book was NOT anything like the magazines that it morphed into, but it sure served a great need.

The RED Book was heavily filled with dry data – imagine lots of black/white spread sheets showing who built them, where the houses were, the community amenities and some basics about each home. Hey, it might not have been overly exciting – but real estate professionals tracked it down as a valuable, convenient, and reliable resource! When we first started, the magazines were produced weekly! That was a LOT of research to keep the magazine’s information up-to-date.

I was asked to create the Women’s Council of Realtors Dallas Chapter (WCR) newsletter since I was already creating the magazine they thought it was a natural fit. This new volunteer position had me attend many real estate events, where I brought along my camera, as taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine. I took pictures for the WCR newsletter then decided, since I had them, let’s ‘sprinkle’ a few candid pictures in The RED Book, which is how it really all began!

The handful of candid pictures garnered SO MUCH excitement in the hands of the magazine readers that I thought, ‘Hmmmmn, I should do more pictures!’ And I did! Slowly but surely, I added more and more candid pictures to the magazine and they became the main attraction – think “People” magazine for the DFW real estate community! Then, since I couldn’t be everywhere to capture all events, I encouraged readers to submit their own pictures from real estate events – and they sure did! The magazine took on a crazy adventurous life with readers trying to outdo each other and take it on vacation, to bridal showers, to weddings, taking a nap, you name it. It even went under water for scuba diving! For a long time, we kept a lonnnnnng list of places our readers took the magazine! That was like a ‘where’s waldo’ version for the magazine! It was such a delight to open up my emails to find random photos sent to me from our readers taking the magazine all over the place – locally, out-of-state and out-of-the-country! That created a lot of excitement among our readers who then couldn’t wait to see if their pictures ‘made it’ into the magazine! Most of the time, we had far more pictures at our disposal then we could possibly fit in the magazine.

In 2020, we decided it was a great time to rebrand again from Real Estate & Friends to Real Estate Influencers with a new focus (focus/2020!) on the stories behind loyal readers of all stages in their real estate career. We have enjoyed getting to know the new agents who are blazing trails and the more seasoned agents who first created the well-worn path. Our stories also shed light on the companies who have supported us for double digit years – if a company has been around for many years, no doubt they have war stories and stories of triumphs – and we wanted to hear them!

Here we are in 2023, the 20th year of the magazine. To say it’s been a breeze / easy sailing is definitely not true. But think about it, we launched in 2003, so we were around and managed to survive the 2008 disastrous real estate market. Sadly, at that time, I had to let go a great employee and I had to reabsorb all the work that the employee had taken over. I worked day and night (I used to get emails from clients that I’d answer at 2am and the next morning they’d chastise me for working in the middle of the night! I told them you have to do what you have to do to survive – especially being a small, local business. Clearly, there have been other less severe down markets in the magazine’s 20 year span, and those have served as a catalyst to make us more focused on ways we can help our clients and our readers succeed. We are small enough to turn on a dime if we discover a great idea/tool that will make the magazine an even better resource for the DFW real estate community.

So yes, I count myself as a real estate survivor. I know many just like me who have survived crazy up and down markets. With our 20 years in the DFW real estate market, we’ve made lots of connections and believe that making connections among our real estate friends is our strength. Let us help you make connections to make more sales!

Here’s to 20 more!


Nancy Holzwarth