Explore our media options focused on creating sales and relationship connections in the DFW new home market. Keep your brand top-of-mind in the crowded and ever-changing DFW real estate market with several options to best fit your preference of reaching out to area real estate professionals.



Build a loyal following, stand out, make connections and build trust by telling your story. So much of marketing is storytelling. It’s crafting a narrative about why you started your business, what your mission is, and who the people behind the brand are. When you are the author of that story, then you become the storyteller of your business and control the message of how your brand is viewed. We offer numerous opportunities for you to tell your story and connect with your audience – in a podcast, on social media, in print and in-person.



Storytelling is the secret recipe for success in social media. When it comes to selling, businesses that focus on storytelling are often those that thrive. That’s because it’s easier for humans to remember information when it’s presented to us in the form of a story.
Buyers are constantly on social media, learning more about your company, your offerings and, of
course, your competitors. As a result, social media has changed the buying process — and the selling process. We’ve been making connections and building relationships between our established and loyal real estate friends for 19 years! Let us help share the story of your business – in a podcast, on social media, in print and in-person.



It’s no secret that podcasts are one of the most popular channels for prospects and clients to get information. It’s a great way to build authority and trust while providing your customers and target audience with valuable and entertaining content.
Sales is all about building relationships, and well-conceived podcasts are an effective, convenient, and intimate way to deliver and produce content — to build trust and ongoing relationships with your prospects, clients, and constituents. The key is in the connection to the audience. Consumers trust brands they recognize. For 19 years, we’ve been an active member of the DFW new home market and have established great relationships with both partners and real estate professionals. Starting in the second quarter of 2022, we will offer limited podcast opportunities with print partners and some of their favorite real estate professionals.


DIGITAL Advertising.

Digital products can’t be held, tasted, or touched, but everyone consumes them. From music to videos, ebooks to online courses, and more – digital marketing is a necessity for any business hoping to succeed, but it’s a crowded space. Digital combined with print allows brands to rise above the busy digital racket. The ubiquity of digital media has given print media a strange new power. Think of how special it is to get a written letter as opposed to an email.
Print and digital versions of the magazine are fully integrated. Our digital magazine seamlessly guides your clients and prospects back to your own site in a natural and non-intrusive way with a live link to a page on your website that’s focused specifically on your offer. This saves them from having to navigate all of your website, scanning for the content they read about in your print ad.
On the other hand, when our magazine readers are ready to relax and discover what’s happening in the DFW new home market – they unplug – turn off their desktops and mobile devices, and settle down with our beautiful publication. They’re ready to say goodbye to distractions and immerse themselves in the content. Advertising in Real Estate Influencers doesn’t stop with the printed page. Our digital and print publication allows you to direct your messaging to your most relevant audience possible.


PRINT Advertising.

Print and digital marketing do not represent an either-or proposition. Print advertising reaches people in a unique way. People interact with print advertising in ways that are different from digital advertising. Reading is seen as leisure time activity. While sitting down to flip through the pages of a magazine you’re less likely to be distracted by notifications popping up on your mobile phone screen. It’s been proven that a magazine reader also has a much higher chance of recalling an ad in print format than digital. Glossy magazines hold a certain cachet that online doesn’t achieve. Reading a magazine, the reader has turned off their desktops and mobile devices and settle down with a hard-copy publication to relax. They’re ready to escape the distractions of online banner ads, pop-ups, social media ads, paid search
links, and email marketing campaigns that they often tune out as noise. With their focused attention on the magazine pages, you have a much greater chance of getting your content seen.
This tangible platform resonates well with luxury consumers and clients — the trick is to find a complementary balance between digital and print within any given campaign for a
multidimensional approach. For maximum impact, let’s build an integrated marketing campaign that brings the best of both print and digital worlds together.



Enjoy an exclusive, invitation-only audience of real estate agents/brokers at a 2-hour casual networking event held at a centrally located model home or an easy-to-reach location.
Your team has the unique opportunity to relax and mingle in a low-key, social setting with those real estate professionals who bring you business. Limited size gatherings allow for valuable one-on-one time with your team members and those real estate professionals to collaborate and deepen their connection. Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!

Advertising opportunities available for digital, social media and print.

Partner with us and let’s build up your brand awareness in the DFW real estate market.